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More to come…


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New photos up on Caustic Cause by Danny, have a look. They remind me a little bit of Terry R, all very good.

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Stick with it, and you will succumb to Loco Mama’s charm.

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If you have been reading Caustic Cause, you will know our numbers are slowly creeping up. The newest addition to our ranks in the lovely Seany P, who is rather good at illustration. He’s done his first post (yay), so go have a look. Its safe to say we’re all pretty excited by these, and can’t wait to see more.

Illustrations by Sean.
We’re also planning another shoot with a (hopefully willing) new face, tights and some shoulder pads. Keep reading.

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Well, quite the opposite really. I just wanted some drawing-related pun but its far to late in the day to be thinking up witty puns. Anyway. Daniel’s latest fash offerings are frequenting my inbox, which is rather great. I have always been a fan of his drawings, and way, way back I posted some of the sketches he did when we embarked on what evolved into my degree project. I love the vacant eyes which makes them look macabre, and reminds me of Tim Burton. He’s getting good with colour now, and drawing with both hands (ooh-er), and this is one of my favourites. Have a look at his blog, ’cause theres more on there, and hopefully more to come.

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