October 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

I went to a very bizzare event this morning. I made my way to the Upper West Side at 9.30am, and to St John the Devine Cathedral. I waited in line for a while, very tired and hungrey, and got a ticket for the ‘Feast of St Francis’, which I find a somewhat misleading name. There was no food, no feast, just a whole load of strange things going on.
Apparently, by the age of 28, Francis had ‘founded a simple rule of an order called the Friars Minor’, and among lots of other things, he ‘draws us into the depth and breadth of God’s love through reverance for all of God’s creatures and creation’. So today was celebrating that; LOTS OF ANIMALS.
There was a very long service, that was somewhat more interesting for all the pets people brought along to be blessed afterwards, and the Italian lady next to me feeding me strange almond sweets. Amongst the masses there were alot of small yapper-type dogs, a really pissed off fat ginger cat, a couple o’ferrets, a lizard…the list goes on.
There was alot of this which I neither understood or joined in with:

I felt alot like this after HOUR ONE:

Anyway, there was alot of Praise the Lord, and Allelujah which I dont really understand. There were flags, singing and dancers, which I kinda enjoyed none-the-less, and a whole load of new-age shit, that sounded like whale music. Infact, I think the song was celebrating whales, but it looked like this:

This boy brought his ferret along, and I definatly saw him waving it in the air during the Praise the Lord stuff; it looked pretty pissed off.

By hour two, I was wondering when the animal procession would begin. And then it happened. It was more bizzare than I imagined. There was a camel, a yak, goats, sheep, a pig, dogs, more pissed off cats, a tortoise being wheeled along, a minature horse, a parrott, chickens, ducks, rabbits, snakes, turkeys, geese. SERIOUSLY. All with flowers round their necks, and being lead by people in white robes with more flowers round their necks.

But how else would I be able to tell people I’d seen a camel walk the down the aisle?



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